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A Simple Piece of Grilled Fish

At Chatham Harvesters Cooperative, the holidays are a time of celebration and culinary exploration, with a focus on the bounty of the sea. We take pride in providing our community with the best and most sustainable seafood options, making the festive season a unique and flavorful experience for all.

Our cooperative fishing family works tirelessly to bring diverse, high-quality seafood to holiday tables. We embrace the cultural richness of seafood traditions like the Italian-inspired Feast of the Seven Fishes, the Nordic offering of pickled herring, and a Cape Cod scallop wrapped in bacon.

Seafood, for us, goes beyond mere sustenance; it symbolizes abundance and prosperity. As a cooperative, we are committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that our oceans thrive for future generations. The goodness of our smoked mackerel, the richness of our clam pies, and a simple grilled piece of fish grace holiday tables and reflect our cooperative values of community, quality, and environmental stewardship.

This festive season, Chatham Harvesters Cooperative invites you to join us in savoring the ocean's bounty, creating memorable moments and traditions that reflect the spirit of the holidays.


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