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You sign up to become a member and receive a weekly supply of locally-caught, healthy seafood. You pay in advance for a "share" of seafood, to be delivered to a pick-up location. Shares come in individual or family sizes. Each week we will offer a different variety of seafood based on local abundance, seasonality, and regulations. Your participation in our Fish Share program helps to shoulder the risk that our fishermen absorb when it comes to upfront costs. As a Fish Share member, you are part of our mission to build a better system for our fishermen, our fish loving community, and the ocean. 


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Seasonal local fish filets such as haddock, pollock, hake, skate, monkfish, mackerel and dogfish. Plus local shellfish such as scallops or clams. For example, one week may be pollock, one week scallops, another week mackerel. There will be a variety as they are available and there are no substitutions. We will have fresh fish when the weather permits and flash-frozen when it doesn’t. Plus you will receive a recipe a week and be emailed our Fish Share newsletter/ blog-stories.


We will also have additional seafood specialty items available to purchase when you pick up your share.


Individual Share 

Feeds -1-2 people. Approximately 1+ pounds or over of seafood 

$25 worth of seafood per week 


Family Share 

Feeds 3-4 people. Approximately 2+ pounds or over of seafood  

$40 worth of seafood per week 


CSF contract length is 8 weeks 

Individual Share  $200.00 

Family Share  $320.00 

Where and when do we pick up our share?  

Friday Fish Hour/ Meet-up to Pick up.

4-6:30 PM

October 14 - December 2, 2022 

95 Commerce Park, South

South Chatham 


How do we pay? 

When you fill out our sign-up form we will email you an invoice to pay directly or you may pay in full at the first pick date October 14th.

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A community-supported fishery (CSF) is a way of selling fresh seafood that is locally sourced. CSF programs, modeled after increasingly popular community-supported agriculture programs, offer members weekly shares of fresh seafood for a pre-paid membership fee. The first CSF on Cape Cod was started in Chatham in 2006, and similar CSF programs have since been started across the United States. Our community supported fisheries will aim to promote a positive relationship between fishermen, consumers, and the ocean by providing high-quality, locally caught seafood to members that helps support a thriving fishing community.


The purpose of our CSF is: 

  1. To establish a transparent chain-of-custody from boat to plate

  2. To increase access to premium, locally-caught seafood

  3. To ensure CHC fishermen members receive a fair price for their catch that reflects the value of their work

  4. To engage CHC fishermen members and community members in more robust, viable, local food systems

  5. To provide a framework through which CHC fishermen members and customers alike can creatively steward marine resources

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