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We know that feeding ourselves with locally caught and harvested seafood is better for 

people, our community and for our planet. 

80-90% of all seafood consumed in the United States is imported.  And most of what fishermen catch is exported. For too long this has encouraged industrial scale corporate fishing fleets to dictate not only where and how we get our seafood, but also the price a fisherman gets for his catch, all while leading to the destruction of our ocean.


When you buy seafood caught and harvested by CHC, you’re supporting fishermen getting paid a fair price for their work. When fishermen get paid a fair price, that allows them to focus on high-value low-volume fishing, which enables them to be better stewards of our ocean. And a fair price for fishermen allows more revenue to stay close to home, strengthening our local and regional economy.


Small and medium scale community-based fishermen bring high value to marine ecosystems, coastal communities, working waterfronts, local and regional economies, and our food systems.



Members of the Chatham Harvesters Cooperative are such fishermen. We know that the future of our fisheries depends on how we interact with our ocean today. Not only do we utilize sustainable harvesting practices while fishing, but when we're not on the ocean we're advocating for responsible ocean policies for all who interact with the Atlantic. It is this commitment to our fisheries, coastal community, and food system that defines the practices and ethos of the Chatham Harvesters Cooperative.

All of our catch is handled with respect and honor for the fish. 


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we operate within our core values.


Decisions are made with fishermen at the center of the decision-making table. Decisions are made transparently and democratically.


We stand for a fair price to the fishermen, the consumer, and others along the value chain. Fair price reflects a fisherman’s true cost of overhead and provides for a livelihood with dignity.


We value direct relationships and mutual respect between fishermen, the public, retailers, institutional buyers, and chefs. This brings about greater transparency and accountability. 



We value self-help, self-responsibility, and democratic decision-making. We believe that fishermen working together to meet our economic and social needs is more effective than working alone.

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