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  • What if I only come to visit my home on the Cape once in a while?
    No problem, you can place your fish orders at whatever frequency you like. We have members who come visit once a month or once every three months. You can get stocked up while you're here and bring local fish back to your freezer.
  • What if I don’t spend my balance by the end of the season?
    We encourage our members to spend down your balance by the end of the season. This helps us to better plan for the next season. But if you don't, we stay flexible and we'll help you to roll into the next season.
  • How do I track my balance and purchase?
    We provide each 'fish share' member with your own unique webpage that allows you to see every purchase and track your balance.
  • Is this like a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program where I pickup my order of fish on a weekly basis?
    Not exactly. It is like a CSA (or CSF) in that you are sharing risk and supporting our fishermen seafood producers in advance of the season. But we make our program more flexible by alllowing our members to buy what they want at whatever frequency makes sense to them. We post our local catch onto our website and then members shop when they are ready to order.
  • Can I use some of my membership balance to purchase your merchandise?
  • What if my balance gets close to $0 and there is more of the season to go?
    If your balance gets low, you can replenish the account, purchase something else and pay the balance due by credit card, or we will carry over the balance to the next fish share season.
  • How frequently do you do the dockside scallop sales?
    During the summer months we aim for a dockside scallop sale every 2-3 weeks depending on weather and availability. During the offshore we aim for once a month and/or around the Holidays.
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