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Blue Water

Duck Island Shellfish Company


“For me, as a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, this is a very traditional way to make a living. My grandfather is in his 70s and still comes out with me sometimes. Scares me half to death but I can’t tell him no. It’s really awesome to be a shellfisherman. Especially a Wampanoag shellfisherman today. This is how we’ve lived for so many years and it’s still a way for me to survive off of my own aboriginal lands. I want people to know that we’re here and I want this to be something we preserve for my children and the next generation.”

Corey lives with his wife, their dog and cat in Hyannis. Corey owns and operates Duck Island Shellfish Company and his father, Paul Hendricks Jr, owns and operates Cape Cod Native Shellfish.

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Corey Hendricks is a third-generation shellfish farmer from Mashpee who has a deep connection to his family's traditions. Inspired by his father and grandfather, Corey pursued a degree in marine biology and now owns his own 2-acre offshore farm where he raises oysters and quahogs. His passion for sustainable farming practices and commitment to preserving his family's legacy make him a valuable member of the shellfishing community.


“It’s all about carrying on a tradition of being connected to the ocean and using my education. It’s about my own hard work determining how much I make. We have a little saying, ‘stay and make it pay

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