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Blue Water

F/V Stranglehold

Matt is the Captain on the F/V Stranglehold. He fishes for skate, monkfish, dogfish and groundfish. Currently fishing out of Southern New England, averages out a 48 hour trip and 15 hour steam time to set the gear, a whole 100 miles offshore! When he’s on land, he’s spending time with his wife and two children in Chatham.

“Definitely the most challenging moments of my fishing career all involve crossing the bar in Chatham. I’m pretty sure every fisherman that fishes out of Chatham has at least one bar crossing that sticks out in their mind, and not for a good reason!”


Chatham is cursed with a very drastic diurnal tide, meaning that these fisherman have to time their trips perfectly in order to not ground their boat.

“The most exhilarating moment of being a fisherman is definitely around this time of year when we catch as many as 20,000 lbs of monkfish on a single trip. Seeing the nets come up completely loaded with big fresh monkfish is the stuff dreams are made of.”
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