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1-lb packs | Vaccum sealed | Flash frozen


Yellowtail flounder is caught by our members in the Fall using trawl gear. Our catch goes directly from our boats to our co-op seafood facility to you.


Yellowtail flounder has a taste that is sweet and mild with a texture that is lean, boneless, flaky, and firm. Yellowtail flounder is a good low-fat source of B vitamins and niacin.


We flash-freeze our catch at peek freshness, just hours after being caught, which locks-in all the best flavors. We recommend that you eat immediately after thawing.

Yellowtail Flounder (Small)

  • As Chatham Harvesters Coop we are prioritizing our seafood availabilty and access to our members. We also make many of our products available at our farmers markets to the public on a first come first serve basis.  

    For any inquiries about availability to non-members please email 

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