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Blue Water


Shareen, our dedicated kitchen and marketing manager at the cooperative, is overjoyed to unveil the realization of a lifelong dream, a vision that your support is instrumental in bringing to fruition. As a 13th-generation Cape Cod dweller, Shareen's perspective is deeply rooted in the ideals of locally sourced seafood, family traditions, cherished recipes, a profound reverence for healthy oceans, and a robust sense of community.


These values serve not only as guiding principles but as intrinsic components of Shareen's identity. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing, she often seeks wisdom from her grandparents, the Nickersons, who weathered the challenges of the Great Depression. Their enduring words, "We were never without food or hungry; we ate off the land and sea and shared with our neighbors and friends," continue to resonate with Shareen, underscoring the importance of communal support and resourcefulness.


Shareen's culinary prowess and business acumen are evident as she crafts new recipes to delight customers, secures new wholesale and restaurant deals, and expands the horizons of CHC. Additionally, her active involvement in her community allows her to connect the vast network she's built throughout her career to her roots and passions of ocean conservation, serving as a beacon of inspiration for fostering meaningful connections and driving positive change.

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