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Summer Season Membership Form
Share Size

On top of the share cost, you'll also be charged a $15 membership fee for the Summer season. This fee helps offset the cost of running the program and pick-ups.

Please note that members who join for a total of six seasons automatically become lifetime members and no longer pay the seasonal membership fee. 

*Select the size of your share (in $100 increments)

Pickup Location 

Please choose the pickup location most convenient for you. Your choice helps us with planning but does not limit you. You will still have the option of choosing to pick-up at any location throughout the season. 

Membership Benefits Include
  • Priority access to all of our top-quality local catch

  • Members-only invite to our in-house seafood cooking demos where you'll get to meet and talk with our fishermen.

  • Discounts on our merchandise

  • Unique and locally inspired recipes

  • Weekly newsletter with more in-depth member-only content

  • Invitation to our annual Chatham Harvesters Local Seafood Fest. 

  • Your own unique member's page where you can track your purchases, balance, and pickup location

  • You also get a local seafood business that sources only from local fishing families, pays good wages with benefits, reduces our food’s carbon footprint, increases access to healthy food for all, and builds a thriving local economy.

Membership Agreement

I understand that I am not guaranteed any particular species nor how much of any species I receive as this will be determined by what is caught and what is locally abundant. I understand that products will be available on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the season.


My 2024 Summer Season share is available to me at regularly schedule pick-ups from the time I sign up until September 30th 2024. I agree to collect all or most of my pick-ups before this date.

I understand that my membership benefits only extend through the season until September 30th 2024 with one exception. All members, past and present, will receive  our members-only invite to the Chatham Harvesters Local Seafood Celebration. 

Please note that it may take a day to process your Membership. We’ll process your payment and set up your account, and then we’ll reach out to you with your new Membership details.

Thanks for submitting! We will follow-up shortly with an email providing all the info you need to begin your membership.

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