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Tuna is a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

The excitement ripples through the Harvesters Coop when the news of tuna season electrifies the town piers. Fishermen engage in lively conversations about weather, preferred bait, and the thrill of the bite when a bluefin tuna hooks up.

Experiencing the exhilarating taste sensation of a piece of tuna is genuinely remarkable. Sending texts to fishing family, friends, and co-op members to announce a successful tuna catch and filleting the fish into delicious steaks and toros adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

Our seafood co-op is dedicated to fulfilling its mission by directly providing locally caught fish to the community. Sharing the captivating stories and recipes with the narrative behind each catch is a great satisfaction for us.

Tuna has sparked widespread enthusiasm, with a diverse range being caught in our local waters. Throughout this year, our dedicated fishermen consistently supplied us with yellowtail tuna, a stunning big-eye tuna, and, most recently, genuine, top-quality bluefin featuring an impressive toro and an unexpectedly delightful chu-toro cut. The chu-toro cut boasts sushi and sashimi-grade excellence, showcasing an impeccably balanced fat content that yields a velvety, buttery flavor and a texture that effortlessly melts in your mouth.

Chu Toro Cut; Sashimi grade.

Tuna consistently steals the spotlight at any gathering, whether it's the straightforward presentation of seared tuna steaks or the indulgence of raw toro, delicately sliced, accompanied by pickled ginger and a dip made with soy, mirin, and rice vinegar. A quick tip: the protein-packed fish brings a burst of energy to the crowd. Cheers!

Varieties of Tuna Delights: Bluefin slices are presented in different styles—plain, atop watermelon with chives, or marinated slices served over a cucumber and avocado smash with a sweet chili rice cake. Delicious!


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