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Delicious Seared Tuna with a Sesame Crust



1 pound Bluefin Tuna (thawed) 

1 tbsp soy sauce (or liquid aminos) 

2 tbsp high-heat oil for searing (peanut oil or avocado)

Sesame Crust: 

4 tbsp sesame seeds 

1 tsp garlic powder (or onion powder) 

1 tsp kosher salt 

1 tsp cracked pepper 

3/4 tsp sugar 

1 tsp dried thyme


Thaw the tuna by either placing it in a bowl of cold water in its package or overnight in the fridge. Once thawed, pat it dry and coat it in soy sauce or GF liquid aminos. 

Make the sesame seed crust. The sesame crust is a combination of sesame seeds, granulated garlic or onion powder, dried thyme salt, pepper, and sugar. The sugar helps the crust achieve a nice golden color while preventing overcooking of the fish. 

Generously coat the Ahi Tuna with the sesame seed spice by pressing it into the flesh and coating all sides. The soy sauce helps the spice to stick. 

Heat up a skillet over medium-high heat. It is crucial to ensure the skillet is very hot. Use a spatter guard or lid to partially cover the skillet and prevent messes. When the skillet is hot, add high heat oil, such as avocado oil or peanut oil (which adds great flavor). 

Carefully place the Tuna in the pan without throwing it in. Press it down into the skillet with a metal spatula and sear for about 45-60 seconds. If the seeds are popping, use a splatter guard. 

Check to see if the crust is golden, if not, increase the heat. The aim is to get a nice golden crust on all sides without cooking the ahi tuna all the way through. 

Finally, place the seared ahi on a cutting board and thinly slice it using a sharp knife. The edges will be crispy, and the inside will be rare. You can even refrigerate the tuna whole and serve it later cold. It’s terrific both hot or cold! 

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