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Smoked Fish Charcuterie

Are you looking for a simple holiday party or anytime appetizer?

Chatham Harvesters Cooperative's in-house smoked bluefish and smoked mackerel taste amazing, boasting a rich, full-bodied smokiness that pairs perfectly with a simple cracker. Easy to prepare and serve, it's a holiday bite with a storied past. Caught, prepared, and smoked right here in Chatham, with an old fishing family recipe by our local fishing crew in our commercial kitchen. What can beat such authenticity?

As we pondered the possibilities, we asked ourselves how to elevate this already fantastic smoked fish experience. While enjoying it on crackers is delightful, we sought to create something that complements it perfectly. Enter the smoked fish charcuterie platter. The possibilities are endless.

We prepared this imaginative platter with what we had in our pantry. In keeping with locally made, we grabbed Lighthouse Keeper's Pantry Beachcomber mustard and their bread and butter pickles, added artisanal bread and other goodies, and laid out a delightful, tasty platter.

Our board was made with Chatham Harvesters smoked bluefish and mackerel, Lighthouse Keeper's Pantry Beachcomber mustard; and Bread and Butter Pickles, boiled eggs, red onion, creme fraiche, radishes, sun-dried tomatoes, edamame and shredded carrots.

What delicacies will accompany your smoked fish charcuterie board?


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