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Buffalo Monkfish Bites: A Tasty Twist on Game Day Favorites

In the Harvester kitchen, a culinary experiment occurred, giving birth to a unique alternative to the classic Buffalo chicken wings – the Buffalo Monkfish Bites. Using our co-op fishermen's monkfish catch, the kitchen crew crafted an easy and delicious recipe that adds a delightful twist to your Super Bowl game day spread. 

Buffalo Monkfish Bites are an easy and delicious appetizer alternative for game day.

The Monkfish: A Local Fish with a Traditional History

Monkfish, once dubbed the "poor man's lobster," has become one of the primary catches of our local fishing fleet. With firm white meat and a taste reminiscent of lobster, monkfish offers a unique flavor profile that sets it apart. Its versatility in the kitchen makes it a perfect candidate for creating innovative and delicious dishes.

The Easy Recipe:

The Harvester kitchen crew has crafted a simple yet mouthwatering recipe for Buffalo Monkfish Bites. To recreate this alternative game day treat, you'll need locally sourced monkfish fillets and a few key ingredients. 


  • 1 lb.Monkfish fillets

  • Grapeseed or Peanut oil 

  • Up to 2 T Cornstarch

  • 2 T Butter 

  • 2 T Tabasco sauce

  • Salt and Pepper 

  • Optional: serve with celery stalks for the added crunch and blue cheese dressing for dipping


  • Cut monkfish fillets into bite-sized pieces.

  • Pat dry filets with a paper towel, sprinkle with salt and pepper, mix  

  • Sprinkle with enough cornstarch to cover and toss

  • On medium-high, heat oil

  • Fry pieces of monkfish for 2-3 minutes on each side

  • Remove and drain on a paper towel, then place in a bowl  

  • While the monkfish is draining, heat the butter and Tabasco in a pan. Make sure not to let the butter bubble- it’ll separate from the Tabasco. 

  • Remove sauce from heat, pour over fish in a bowl, and toss. 

  • Serve hot with crunchy celery and blue cheese dressing for a classic Buffalo wing experience.

Game Day Excitement:

As a pescatarian-friendly option, these Buffalo Monkfish Bites will surely please a diverse crowd of game-day enthusiasts. Whether you're cheering for the 49ers or the Chiefs this season or enjoying the spectacle, this appetizer is a delicious way to elevate your Super Bowl experience.

Embrace the bold flavors of the Buffalo Monkfish Bites this Super Bowl season. With Chatham Harvesters monkfish at the forefront, this dish pays homage to our community's fishing families while offering a delightful alternative to the traditional game day spread. Spice up your festivities with a burst of flavor and let the Buffalo Monkfish Bites take center stage at your next celebration. 


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